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Adventure Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi Prices, Offers or Deals and Booking

MOST SELLING OFFER: Regular Evening desert safari 40% off now. Book now for AED 120 per seat running everyday
PREMIUM DEAL: Evening desert safari - Premium 40% off now. Rush for AED 175 per Adult and AED 145.
OVERNIGHT SAFARI: AED 450 per Person (1 to 3 persons) - Sharing car.
MORNING SAFARI: AED 450 per person (Minimum 2 persons cost, 1 to 3 persons) - Sharing car.

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Why Nuzhath Ideas?

  • 96% customers who gave 5 out of "5 stars excellent reviews" is what we achieved through these years.
  • Unique deals that we offers are always tailored to satisfy various tour enthusiasts, you will never get a chance to show better deals in Abu Dhabi.
  • 24 X 7 customer care service which you feel like a dedicated executive for you is what make us stand apart from others. With us, you will never get a chance to complain about anything. Contact us today to experience premium quality services.
  • Nuzhath Ideas desert safari in Abu Dhabi boasts of having the best desert drivers in UAE onboard. They are expert at driving through the sand dunes, making it an adventurous drive for you. Furthermore, they are well-versed in English, so you will not have any problem in communicating with the drivers.

Desert Safari Packages we offer in Abu Dhabi

Download Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Pricing in AED and USD

Premium Packages Timings (May change) Number of persons Cost in AED (Currency: Arab Emirates Dirham)
Regular Evening desert
safari with 45 minutes dune bashing
15:00 pm to 21:00pm Sharing basis per person

250 per adult, 200 child - 20% Off (November - March) - NEW OFFER
Original cost: 300 per adult, 250 per child

Hummer Evening Desert Safari 15:00pm to 21:00pm 01 – 04
05 - 06
2200 / 2500
Evening safari with 90minutes
dune bashing – Private car
14:00 pm to 21:00pm 01 – 04
05 - 06
Evening Safari Bus Pickup 15:00 pm to 21:30pm 30 and Above 200 per person
Hummer Dune bashing Only Morning or afternoon 01 – 04
05 - 06
1500 / 1900
Afternoon Dunebashing only – 45
minutes – Private car
15:00 pm to 18:00pm 01 – 04
05 - 06
1000 / 1300 (14:00pm pickup AED 250 extra)
Afternoon Dunebashing only – 90
minutes – Private car
14:00 pm to 18:00pm 01 – 04
05 - 06
1400 / 1800
Hummer Morning Safari 08:00 am to 12:00pm 01 – 04
05 - 06
1500 / 1900
Morning - Private Car 08:00 am to 12:00pm 01 – 04
05 - 06
1200 / 1500
Morning- Sharing Basis 08:00 am to 12:00pm Minimum 4 persons booking required to start the tour 300 per person
Hummer Overnight Safari 15:00 pm to 9:00am Next Day 01 – 04
05 - 06
2700 / 3100
Overnight stay 15:00 pm to 9:00am Next Day (Maximum 6 persons in one car) 1000 private car cost + 200 per person
Overnight - Sharing Basis 15:00 pm to 9:00am Next Day Minimum 4 persons booking required to start the tour 450 per person
Liwa full day tour 08:00 am to 13:00pm 01 - 04 2400
Liwa overnight tour 13:00 pm to 09:00am Next Day 01 – 04
Morning dune bashing only 08:00 am to 12:00pm 01 – 04
05 - 06
1100 / 1400
Dinner only (No dune bashing) 16:00 pm to 21:00pm 01 – 04
05 - 06
900 / 1200
Quad bike Al Khatim desert Variable Minimum 1 person AED 900 transfer cost (Maximum 6 persons)+ AED 450 per hour per PAX
Quad bike LIWA desert Variable Minimum 1 person AED 2000 transfer cost (Maximum 4 Dune Buggies)+ LIWA package price + AED 1000 per four hours per PAX
Dune Buggy Al Khatim desert Variable Minimum 1 person AED 3500 per dune buggy, 2 persons including transfer (Max 6 PAX in a car)
Dune Buggy LIWA desert Variable Minimum 1 person AED 4500 per dune buggy, 2 persons including transfer (Max 4 PAX)
Private camp Evening Group AED 7000 + AED 300 per person (Belly dance, Henna painting at extra cost)
Photoshoot Variable Minimum 1 person Contact Us

All packages above except LIWA tours are conducted at Al Khatim desert. Normal packages are conducted in Toyota Land Cruiser car. Hummer Desert safari subject to availablity.
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  • Desert Safari Camel Trips

    What to wear?

    • Whatever you feel comfortable with, Loose wears will be good - Carry a light jacket if you are not fond of cold wind.
    • Don't use sandals, please use shoes
    • Carry less personal belongings - We suggest not to have expensive jewellery
    • A sunglass will be nice at evening . Read More - FAQ 20 Numbers
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Desert Safari Reviews

Vishva Sharma

Reviewed Date: October 31, 2016 Evening Desert Safari Great Experience!
Dear All, Please be noted that my guest has given a very positive response they had good time & enjoyed the trip along with excellent buffet. I want to mention the accompanying driver was excellent in serving as very good host & with very skilled safe driving. KEEP IT UP,ALL THE BEST FOR GOOD BUSINESS.

Philip OGABA

Reviewed Date: October 30, 2016 Overnight Desert Safari The whole package was worth it!!!
Philip OGABA, Chelsea balls and Havila Bernard. We had a fantastic fun right from the pickup, to the end of our safari. The ride was what we all expected even when telling the stories at home we were still laughing out loud like we were in the car when the driver and drivers were sliding down the sands. The whole package was worth it. It was Wow. We are all going to do it again when we come back in January cos we are visiting our friend Sharon and her husband. Thanks you Mr Salam our pilot driver we had mad fun.

Desert Safari Videos

Abu Dhabi Desert Safari by Nuzhath Ideas in Resto del Mundo 2015
Abu Dhabi Desert Safari, Dune Bashing at Evening 2015
Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Dune Buggy 2015
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